Civil Forensics

Forensic evaluations and reports pertaining to contact and residency disputes, psychological assessment of parents, voice of the child assessments, and supervised contact. 

Criminal Forensics

Assistance with a variety of evaluations in relation to criminal forensic matters. 

Risk Assessments and Pre-Sentencing Reports

A risk assessment is an evaluation of the risk that a person may pose. Risk assessments are done in criminal matters frequently in the form of a pre-sentencing report. However, risk assessments are also done in non-forensic environments, such as for employers dealing with concerning behaviour in relation to employees. Risk assessments will always include recommendations in relations to the management of any case.  

Assistance with Review of Forensic Reports

In legal matters, the submission of complex and lengthy psychological expert witness reports can pose difficulty for opposing parties. I offer assistance with the review of psycho-legal reports and assistance with cross-examination of this material.  


Successful interviewing is a skill, I offer assistance with conducting of interviews, and interviewing strategies in a variety of settings. 

Parental Guidance

Tips and assistance for parents in dealing with the difficulties of navigating parenting children today. 

Individual Therapy

Individual for adults and adolescents which is effective in dealing with a variety of concerns, such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, work difficulties, and anger out bursts.

Adult IQ, Emotional and Personality Assessment

IQ, Personality and Emotional assessments for adults. 

Play Therapy

Solution focussed psychotherapy for children dealing with emotional difficulties and assisting them with the navigation of changes or problems at home, or at school. 

Educational and Emotional Assessments for Children

IQ and emotional assessments for children, utilised based on need and the question at hand. 

School Talks

I offer a variety of talks for school, teachers and children. These include topics related to age appropriate communication and sex offender profiling, social media and sex offender profiling, and threat assessment in the academic environment. Please contact me for a pamphlet regarding school talks.