About Me

Following my academic Masters in Clinical Psychology, I completed my Community Service year at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in the Child and Family Psychiatry Unit. I then began a private practice, engaging in therapy with adults, adolescents and children, and child and adult psychological assessments. I commenced working in the psycho-legal environment by conducting contact and residency disputes, and sexual abuse allegation assessments. 

In 2013 I joined the South African Police Service (SAPS), Investigative Psychology Section (IPS). The mandate of the section is for psychologists to work with Detectives and Prosecutors Nationally, to assist with the investigation and prosecution of Psychologically Motivated Crimes. These crimes include but are not limited to child pornography cases, sexual grooming of children, sexual offences and other offences against children, serial rape, serial murder, intimate partner murders, terrorism, human trafficking, family murder, stalking, domestic violence and threat assessments. I left the Police in 2018 having been promoted to the rank of Colonel, as the Section Commander Forensic Psychology. I have worked on and testified on numerous high-profile cases and I have given training locally and internationally to law enforcement, mental health professionals and the Department of Justice, on a range of topics.

I left the police humbled and grateful for all of my training and experiences, in order to move back into private practice to continue my love of forensics. I have also taken up a Directorship at L&S Threat Management, South Africa’s first threat assessment and management company with my former police colleague and commander, Prof. Gerard Labuschagne.

Areas of Interest:

  • Forensic Matters:
    • Contact & Residency Dispute
    • Supervised Contact
    • Forensic Evaluations
    • Sentencing Report
  • Psychotherapy:
    • Adults, Children, and Adolescents
        • Divorce
        • Mood and Anxiety Disorders
        • Trauma
      • Parental Guidance